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TORI began building the CODAR (Coastal ocean dynamics applications radar) system in October of 2009, and has since installed 11 long-range high frequency radars and 4 standard radars. By December 2011, 15 HF radar observation stations were established along the coasts of Taiwan. The image below shows HF radar stations (blue dots) and two standard radar stations in the north and two in the south (green dots). The observation stations continue to collect ocean surface current data of Taiwan’s surrounding waters to this day.

There is a high presence of visitors at the southern bay area of Kenting National Park, but a lack of sufficient coverage with the existing system (Maobitou and Banana Bay Stations). Thus, with careful evaluation from data collected through temporary mobile stations, the South Bay Observation Station was added to achieve full coverage of the southern bay area in June of 2014. Also, to achieve full coverage of the entire coastline of Taiwan island, two more stations were added later: the Magang Observation Station in the north-northeast in January of 2015; and the Heping Mobile Observation Station in the east-northeast at February of 2015.

The Location and Observing Area of HF Radar Stations around Taiwan in 2018