Data Disclosure Service

The following data are now available for data disclosure service:

  • Product Details
    TOROS Including Total Velocity (TUV) and Radial Velocity (RUV) recorded from each station. The TUV displayed in MED are unprocessed data as a reference for the user. It might cost about one month to do data QA/QC processing after applying for data disclosure.
    TOPS Including wave, sea temperature, and ocean current etc.
    Remote Sensing Including SST (NOAA and METOP), Ocean Color (MODIS and NPP), Wind Field Data (ASCAT), Water Elevation (Jason2), SSS (Aquarius) etc.

Data Disclosure Application

Before you complete a data disclosure application, please contact TORI and speak with a staff member of the data management team to verify the content requested. Then, complete the data disclosure application in its entirety attached with a completed affidavit for submission via fax or e-mail.

Data Disclosure Application Discount Availability

Based on Paragraph 2 of Article 3 of the “Marine Science Data Disclosure Terms of Use Enforcement Rules”, if the data request applicant successfully publishes any treatise using data obtained from TORI, the applicant must provide a copy (original or duplicate) of the publication or acknowledgement in addition to citing its sources. The copy provided will be logged for reference and may be used to obtain a one time 10% discount when the applicant submits a future data disclosure application

Consultation Services

  • Contact our staff when you have questions or encounter problems during the application process.